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BS Electronics

Program Overview

“BS ELECTRONICS (BEL)” is a 4-year Program comprising of course work and final year project in 2-phases. This program aims to produce critical, innovative and high quality graduates who have high technical skills as well as well developed and polished decision making and problem solving skills. The BEL program is a well structured in its core courses and versatile in its elective courses. Students can choose to go to areas of Analog & Digital Electronics like Mechatronics, Signal Processing and Communication, Embedded Systems etc.


  • Mechatronics  
  • Robotics and automation
  • UAV and Drone Technology (Quad-rotors and Twin-rotors)
  • Machining (CNC Driller, Lathe and other precision tools)
  • Modeling
  • Control Systems and Design
  • Magnetic Levitation
  • Autonomous and Adaptive Systems
  • Biomedical (Motorized Wheel Chairs, etc.)
  • Instrumentation (Industrial Machines)
  • Signal Processing and Communication
    • RADARs and Pattern Recognition
    • SONARs and Sound-metry
    • MIMO and Cognitive Communication Systems
    • Biomedical (ECG & EEG Signal Acquisition and Interpretation)
  • Embedded Systems
    • Biometrics & forensics (Security Systems and Biomedical Tools)
    • Sensor Networks
    • System Design

Admission and Eligibility

Session: The program is offered in Fall (September) and Spring (February) Session

Qualification: Intermediate or equivalent (‘A’ Level) with minimum 50% marks from accredited institution is required for admission in BEL program.

Test and Score: NTS-NAT test score with minimum 50% marks.

NB: Detailed information can be obtained from

The eligibility for admission will be determined on the basis of results in percentages. The general marks distribution for BS admission in CUI, Physics Department is as under:

Matric: 10%, FSc: 40%, NTS (NAT): 50%

If the sum of above is 55 or more then the student will be eligible to get admission in BEL or BPH program

NB: The aggregate weightage required for admission is subject to change

Duration & Semesters: The minimum duration for the completion of this degree is eight semesters (04 Years) and a maximum of twelve semesters (06 Years). The degree will be awarded on completion of 137 credits with a CGPA of at least 2.0/4.

Documents Required: Following documents must be attached with the admission form:

  • Demand Draft in favor of CUI Islamabad Campus from any bank.
  • MATRIC / O-Level mark sheet certificate & Equivalence, (photocopy back to back).
  • FA/FSc / A-Level mark sheet, certificate & Equivalence (photocopy back to back).
  • Copy of NIC / B form.
  • Valid NTS Result (photocopy) [if test already given].
  • Paid original copy of NTS Challan Form, [if NTS test not given].
  • Hope Certificate/Affidavit (To be notarized on Rs. 20/- Stamp Paper) mandatory for result awaiting applicants only.
  • Undertaking (To be notarized on Rs. 20/- Stamp Paper) mandatory for all applicants.

Examinations and Grading

The CUI BEL program comprises of 137 Total credit hours that are divided as below:

Courses and Project

Min Courses

Min. Credit hours

Core courses



Elective courses



Institutional Elective Courses



Total No. of courses



During a semester a student can enroll minimum of 12 credits and maximum of 21 credits. The academic performance is measured through Grade Point System and marks are distributed as under;

Examination Type

Percentage of Final Grade

First Sessional (After 05 Weeks)


Second Sessional (After 11 Weeks)


Terminal/Final (After 16 Weeks)


Assignments, Quizzes, Project, Presentation (During the whole semester)


The minimum duration for the completion of this degree is eight semesters and a maximum of twelve semesters. The degree will be awarded on completion of 133 credits with a CGPA of at least 2.0/4. The grade points distribution is as under;

Letter Grades

Grade Points

Grade Percentage



90% or above



























Below 50%

  • Attendanceis a serious business and 80% attendance is mandatory to be eligible for examination.
  • The Students must be on the rolls of CUI and have registered for the course.
  • The student is now allowed to sit in the examination if he/she fails to reach within 30 minutes from start time of paper
  • Student ID Cardand Admit Card is Mandatory in all examinations.
  • NoWritten Material, Scientific Calculators, Digital Diaries, Mobile Phones etc are allowed in Examination Hall.
  • If a student tries to use unfair practice the following penalties can be imposed to him/her.
  • Fine up to Rs.20,000/-
  • Cancellation of Entire Examination Result
  • Expulsion from The Institute
  • Rustication from The Institute

You Should Know:

  • A semester means 15-18 weeks teaching, excluding examinations. There are two regular semesters per academic year at CUI.
  • One credit hour means at least one hour teaching per week throughout the semester.
  • A full time student means a student who has registered at least 12 credit courses in the semester.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) is the weighted average of the grades earned in the courses during a semester.
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the weighted average of the grades earned in the courses during a program.
  • Discipline in the campus has to be maintained. Any act of indiscipline is liable to punishment to the degree of severity of the act.
  • A student is placed on PROBATION if his/her CGPA is less than 2.0
  • If a student earns two consecutive probations, he/she CEASES to be a student of the Institute.
  • A student can DROP (although not desirable) a registered course, within the specified time, but he/she will not have to pay its course fee when it is re-taken. The last date for drop of course is mentioned in the semester schedule.
  • A student can WITHDRAW a course before the second Sessional but will have to pay the fee when it is retaken. The last date for withdrawal of courses is also mentioned in the semester schedule.


Qualified faculty having MS and PhD degrees from national and international universities in diverse fields of Electronics are committed to enhance quality of teaching, research and practice in BS Electronics program.

Batch Counselors:

Students are also facilitated to consult their respective batch counselors during the semester to discuss issues related to courses and studies.

After Successful completion:

Students will be able to successfully:

  1. Analyze Electronics Circuits
  2. Design and Develop Software and Hardware requirements and functional specifications
  3. Troubleshoot in any kind of Electronics schematics
  4. Use different software tools as effective aids in all phases of Electronics based project development
  5. Design, develop and deliver project in a cost-effective manner
  6. Understand new technologies

Useful Links:

Please follow the links below for scheme of studies and detailed courses description

Contact Details

Dr. Rana Liaqat Ali

(In-charge of BS Electronics)

Mr. Nasir Khan

(Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies)