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Materials Science Group

Materials play an important role in our daily life from very simple use to hi-tech applications. The research group at CIIT is engaged in synthesis and characterization of a wide range of advanced materials to cope with the academic erudition and impending applications. Synthesis approaches include both solid state reaction methods and preparation by wet chemistry. Materials under investigation include but not limited to metals, semiconductors, superconductors, ceramics and composites. These are synthesized in bulk, thin films, nanoparticles and nanostructures. Thermo physical properties include structural analysis, thermoelectricity, thermal diffusivity, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, dielectric spectroscopy, electrical resistivity, magnetic polarizability & susceptibility, magneto electrical conductivity and optical spectroscopy.

Synthesis and characterization of hard & soft nano ferrites and multiferroics for high frequency and data storage applications, fabrication and portrayal of bismuth based thermoelectric nano materials, sensing applications of rare earth nano compounds for biological labeling and gas sensing and (II-VI)-thin film fabrication for solar cell applications are to name a few projects under progress.



Ghazanfar Abbas

Mr. Ghazanfar Abbas joined Department of Physics COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad in 2006 as Research Associate. At present, he has rejoined Department of Physics CIIT Islamabad in 2011 as a lecturer after submitting his Ph.D. Dissertation "Fabrication and Characterization of Low Cost Electrodes for Fuel Cells". His research work is focused on sub-field of Renewable Energy Resources called Fuel Cell Technology. He worked and completed different studies on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) experimentally. Out of the research work, he has published ten research papers in well reputed International Journals having impact factor ? 30, he has designed and fabricate new Zn based low cost nano-structured electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells, which work at comparatively low temperature in range of 400-600oC. He also has worked on solar energy. more details..

Manzar Abbas

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Javeed Akhtar

Dr. Javeed is faculty member in the Department of Physics, CIIT Islamabad. He obtained PhD degree from University of Manchester, UK. His research interests are, solar cell fabrication & characterization (organic/inorganic/hybrid), designing new routes for synthesis of nanomaterials, optoelectronic studies of nanoparticles, deposition of thin films by AACVD, LP-CVD, AP-CVD and interface methods Microscopy (TEM, SEM, AFM) of nano-/micro structures. more details..

Mubarak Ali

Dr. Mubarak Ali is working as an Assistant Professor (HEC supervisor) at Department of Physics, CIIT, Islamabad Campus. His research interests lie in the advance surface technologies and materials characterization. At presently, Dr. Ali is working on growth of artificial diamond and TaC-C composite films for various applications. more details..

Mushtaq Ali

Dr. Mushtaq Ali received his PhD (2011) in the field of organic photovoltaics, from University of Camerino, MC, Italy. He joined the surface science group of Prof. Roberto Gunnella in collaboration with Prof. Andrea Di Cicoo leader of the XAS Lab, University of Camerino. His research interests are mainly; organic photovoltaics and electronic devices, fabrication and characterization's of organic and inorganic semiconductors thin films, surface and interface study of nanostructured systems, and spectroscopic study of clean surfaces at high conditions. He introduced the world's first solutions processed multilayer organic solar cells. He is a regular research visitor to the University of Camerino, Italy, and University of Bordeaux 1 France. more details..

Syed Rizwan Hussain

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Shumaila Karamat

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Muhammad Anis ur Rehman

Dr. Muhammad Anis-ur-Rehman received his PhD (2005) in the field of Condensed Matter Physics. His main area of research includes; synthesis and thermophysical studies of bulk, thin films, composites and nano materials of ceramics, halides, ferrites, multiferroics, thermoelectrics, superconductors, II-VI semiconductors and rare earths. He established the "Applied Thermal Physics Laboratory" in the Department of Physics. Before joining COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad as Assistant Professor, he served Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. At QAU he carried out research in the field of superconductivity and ceramic composites. He has supervised a number of undergraduate and graduate research theses. He is recipient of DRSM Gold medal from Pakistan Academy of Sciences and Young Scientist Award from CSJ, Japan. He is listed in one of the top forty scientists in the field by the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology. He is also referee of more than a dozen ISI indexed international journals including Applied Physics Letters, J. Physical Chemistry, Materials letters, J. Chem. Engg. Data and J. Alloys and Compounds. more details..

Sana Sabahat

Dr. Sana Sabahat completed her Ph.D. (2011) in Chemistry (major in Physical Chemistry) from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan. She has worked for one year in nanomaterial's laboratory in Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool UK. Her area of research interest is nanomaterials (nanotechnology), combination of physical chemistry and material science. Her expertises are the synthesis of gold nanoparticles (both naked and functionalized) and their enfolding with DNA, extraction of DNA and their interactional studies with antioxidants, flavonoids and different drugs through cyclic voltammetry (CV) and UV- visible spectroscopy, synthesis of organomettalic compounds and complexes. more details..

Nazar Abbas Shah

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Saima Qureshi

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