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Plasma Physics

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Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPL) works to advance understanding of the non-thermal Plasmas by developing and responding to major contemporary issues within low temperature plasma physics and atomic and molecular physics. Low-temperature plasmas have a huge range of technological and medical applications. These include plasma etching for semiconductor chip manufacture, plasma deposition (e.g. for solar cells or protective coatings), plasma TVs and new medical applications (e.g. sterilization, biocompatible materials).

Our research interest is in conventional, low pressure plasma systems, and the relatively recent discovery of atmospheric pressure plasmas. Research focusses on experiments and modeling to improve understanding of the plasma processes and thereby optimize applications and develop new ones.

Currently we are offering following areas for fundamental research;

  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas and Jets
  • Low Pressure Plasmas
    • Capacitively Coupled Plasma
    • Inductively Coupled Plasma
    • D.C & Pulsing D.C Plasma
  • Plasmas in Liquids


Ishaq Ahmed

Dr. Ishaq Ahmad received his Ph.D. (1995), in the field of Atomic Physics. He joined CIIT in March 2004. His main area of research has been Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy with and without externally applied magnetic fields. Presently he is involved in the research activities, in the fields of theoretical and experimental Plasma physics and in the hydrogen storage materials for generation of power. He has worked in the fiber-optics industry and is experienced in building of DWDM MUX, DEMUX and add-drop (fiber-optical) devices. more details..

Ahsan Illahi

Dr. Ahsan Illahi received his PhD (2010) in the field of Electromagnetic. His main area of research includes; analytical investigations of electromagnetic properties of hypothetical materials, numerical simulations and conceptual electromagnetic experiments. Before joining COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad as Assistant Professor, he served one year as Assistant Professor in Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), Islamabad. At AIOU, he developed many courses at undergraduate and graduate levels, participated in organizing an international conference on energy and environment and started a research group in computational electromagnetic. He is also referee for Progress In Electromagnetic Research and Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications.

Zarqa Iqbal

Muhammad Kamran

Dr. Muhammad Kamran received his PhD (2011) in the field of Plasma Physics from Austria. His main area of research includes; Tonks-Langmuir model, plasma-wall interaction and phase-space trajectories.
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Najeeb Ur Rehman

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Faisal Saeed

Faisal Saeed received his MS Degree (2010) in the field of Laser Induced Gas breakdown spectroscopy. His main area of research includes; Laser Induced Gas breakdown spectroscopy, Plasma Spectroscopy. Faisal Saeed received his M.Sc. (2007) from university of the Punjab Lahore with specialization in High energy physics and Plasma Physics.
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