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The Department

The Department of Physics was established in Fall 2003 with the aim to produce highly competitive scientists, equipped with the most advanced technological tools of the modern era. It is committed to excellence in teaching and research and promoting a culture of learning and scientific enquiry. The department offers four year B.S. programs in Physics and Electronics. It also has successful M.S., Ph.D. and the M.S. leading to Ph.D. programs in Materials Science, Micro and Optoelectronics, High Energy Physics, Radiation Physics, Lasers and Applied Photonics, and Quantum Optics.

The courses for these disciplines have been designed with the express aim to impart a clear insight into basic sciences and to develop strong experimental and technological skills. These programs provide a firm foundation for employment in industry and R & D organizations, as well opportunities to pursue academic and research oriented careers.

The Department of Physics received a tremendous boost in 2005, when it was awarded a development grant by the Higher Education Commission, Govt. of Pakistan, to set up fabrication facilities for micro- and nano- sized electronic devices. In 2007 further grant was approved to set up infrastructure, establish teaching and research labs for strengthening the academic programs. These laboratories are in the process of being commissioned and will be unique in Pakistan in terms of the facilities and expertise they have to offer.