About CIIT Quality Plan

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) has made remarkable success in fixing critical success factors for itself and working stupendously towards their implementation. The astute planning and development of the institute has delivered a high quality multi-campus higher education institution contributing relentlessly to the country with its intensive program of higher education, research and public service. The mission statement of CIIT has been used successfully to move towards achieving unprecedented growth without sacrificing quality of education after its first decade of establishment.

CIIT has developed and expanded following its strategic Vision 2020 with specific goals and objectives outlined for the next 15 years, including physical infrastructure, major areas of academic growth, expansion and specialization, faculty and staff development, quality assurance, promotion of research, industrial and international linkages, student service facilities and funding requirements. CIIT sees itself as a self-sustaining state–of-the-art academic institute with the purpose of bringing enlightenment, empowerment and enrichment through advancement of learning, expansion of knowledge, and development by its application.

For meeting teaching, learning and academic requirements of our society, CIIT is a fast emerging university amongst high cadre institutes, offering new and updated programs with qualified, competent and experienced faculty members for attaining excellent performance in student achievement. CIIT is conscious of and committed toResearch and Discovery as an essential component of the university establishment, and subsequently, establishing a research-based culture at all its campuses.

The CIIT, on a timeline, has set up a clear vision and promising plans for its propitious future. Recognizing that challenges of equity and development are complex, CIIT is ready to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen that is in line with the broader national objectives, and as a global citizen, it is committed to establish a strong identity among the developing world as well as claim for itself top place among the comity of World Class Higher Education Institutions. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) is committed to total institutional satisfaction by implementing leading edge educational practices at all its campuses and ensuring that the highest standard of excellence is accorded the highest priority and is not compromised for any reason.