External Institutional Performance Evaluation (EIPE) of CIIT by HEC

The external review process is an undertaking of the Quality Assurance Agency of HEC for evaluating and guiding universities to become centers of excellence for education, research and development. For this, QEC is a significant partner and support to the university in materializing its quality mandate. This evaluation of HEIs is an external review process that consists of providing a University Portfolio Report (UPR) to HEC and a HEC Review Panel visit that will provide the university with performance indicators for assessing the university critically, and based on the input of the external review panel, the university can take necessary steps towards continuous quality improvement.

The IPE of CIIT by HEC includes

  • Development of the University Portfolio Report (UPR) on 8 IPE Standards
  • Preparation of the Islamabad Campus and the Principal Seat for the visit of HEC Review Panel
  • Collection of relevant information from all departments of Islamabad Campus and Principal Seat
  • Preparation of evidences in line with the UPR
  • Logistical arrangements for the visit
  • Accompany / Assist the HEC Review Team and provide coordination between the HEC Team and the departments being visited / evaluated.

The first ever Institutional Performance Evaluation of CIIT by HEC was conducted during 11-12 December, 2013. Details are available at the given link: