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1st Institutional Performance Evaluation of CIIT
  Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1st Institutional Performance Evaluation of CIIT

HEC appreciates Institutional Structures and Management Processes

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology is a significant contributor to the higher education sector in Pakistan. The institute has well-established institutional structures and management processes, an excellent team of key officers and faculty who provide expertise and support to fulfilling the institute’s threefold mission: Teaching and Learning; Research and Discovery; Outreach and Public Service.

A panel of Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) Quality Experts including Dr. Mohammed Rafiq Baloch, Director General, Quality Assurance Agency HEC had visited CIIT on December 11-12, 2014. The team was here to evaluate the institute’s overall performance in the provision of quality education. The primary objective of the team was to assess and evaluate CIIT’s performance in order to improve the quality of education imparted here. Evaluation of the performance was carried out with an intensive review of the documents, discussions and interviews with the key stakeholders including students.

The evaluation was guided by 8 selected Standards, HEC’s evaluation criteria as per Mission & Goals, Planning & Evaluation, Organization & Governance, Institutional Research, Academic Programs & Curricula, Students, and Assessment & Quality Assurance, and university’s responses to queries on these standards provided in the ‘University Portfolio Report (UPR)’ prepared by QEC CIIT based on the guidelines provided by HEC. Findings were developed using a variety of tools including a detailed review of the UPR and corresponding documents validating documented information, stakeholder interviews, basic evaluation methodologies as visiting classroom facilities, laboratories and library, etc., for an overall review of CIIT infrastructure and various facilities available for faculty and students. The evaluation found that the institute’s work relating to “uplift the functioning of the university and enhancing the quality of teaching and research is appreciable” (Report of IPE Visit, December 19, 2014). 

In this report, the team has expressed satisfaction with the implementation of standards at CIIT. All departments and offices with their directors and heads were well-prepared and were found working hard on the development projects. All documentation was in place and evidences were available to substantiate the claims. The evaluation also found that the institute’s work can be improved by taking quality care of students and faculty in terms of better hostel facilities for female students, improved communication between students and staff, sharing of the selection and promotion criteria and research funding resources with faculty, more incentives for publishing in high impact factor journals, proper internship arrangement and improved internet connectivity for students, Girls Common Rooms, enhanced industry-university linkage, and regular assessment system of teachers and courses as per HEC defined quality assurance criteria. 

The evaluation also found that the institute’s work is, in general, well planned and coordinated. This is largely due to the strong institutional structures and management processes within its campuses, but is also underpinned by the competence and commitment of its key stakeholders. 


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