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Land Mark Achievements & Prides
  Tuesday, January 12, 2016

  • The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Has Awarded Highest Category “W” In YPR 2014-15 to QEC (CIIT).
  • The Processes of Data Collection and Dissemination on HES Proforma for National Ranking of CIIT for the Year 2014-15 Completed and  is now Evaluating by Quality Assurance Agency, HEC
  • ISO 9001:2004 Certification Surveillance External Audit of All CIIT Campuses Completed and NQA Recommended for its Continuation for the Year 2016
  • New Version of  ISO Quality Management System (QMS) 9001:2015 has been introduced for up gradation at all levels in CIIT
  • Quality Assurance of all academic programs in CIIT all Campuses has been Initiated as per guideline of QAA, HEC  


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