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Group NameDepartmentGroup Leader
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Algebra and GeometryMathematicsDr. Imran Rashid, Assistant Professor
AlgorithmicsComputer ScienceDr. Aimal Tariq Rextin
Antennas and Microwave Engineering Research GroupElectrical EngineeringDr. Shahid A Khan
Application Development GroupCASTDr. Mahmood Ashraf Khan (Telecom/Bradband Networks)
Artificial Intelligence and High Performance ComputingComputer ScienceDr. Sajjad Mohsin (Professor)
Broadband Networks Research GroupCAST 
Communication Over Sensors (COMSENSE) Research GroupCAST 
CommunicationsElectrical EngineeringDr. Shurjeel Wyne
Computational Fluid DynamicsMathematicsProf. Dr. Tahira Haroon, Professor/HoD
COntrol and Automation GroupCAST 
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