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Spinal cord disruption is associated with a loss of Cushing-like blood pressure interactions

Publisher: Journal of Neurotrama
Publication Year: 2019

First Author:  Saqib Saleem Second Author:  S. Saleem, Z. Sarafis, A. Lee, J. W. Squair, O. F. Barak, E. S. Williams, R. Suraj,G. B. Coombs, T. Mijacika, C. R. West, A. V. Krassioukov, P. N. Ainslie, Z. Dujic,Y. C. Tzeng, and A. A. Phillips.
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Level:   International Type:  Journal
Dr. Saqib Saleem

Incharge / Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Sahiwal Campus

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