Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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"CPS Webinar Panel Discussion on Policy Making in a Post-Covid 19 World"
CPS   Monday, July 20, 2020

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) organized a webinar panel discussion on “Policy Making in a Post-Covid 19 World “ on 10 July 2020. The panelist at the discussion covered aspects of general public policy, the psychological aspects, the environmental aspects and aspects of foresight.


Dr. Imran Syed, Head CPS, covered aspects of complexity and policy, Dr. Mumtaz Fatimah Jafri Head, Faculty Development Academy, gave a talk on "Covid 19 and Psychological Well-being", Mr. Hassaan Fayyaz Khan Sipra, Scientific Officer, CCRD on "Environmental Aspects of Covid 19", and Mr. Umar Sheraz, Senior Research Officer, CPS, gave a presentation on "Foresight for Policymaking".

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