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Helmut Veith Stipend 2020 for CSE Female Students at Vienna University of Technology
International Office   Monday, September 28, 2020


The Helmut Veith Stipend is awarded annually to motivated female students in the field of computer science who pursue (or plan to pursue) one of the master’s programs in Computer Science at TU Wien taught in English. The Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms (VCLA) is an initiative of Technische Universität Wien – TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology). Located at the Faculty of Informatics of TU Wien, the Center is promoting international scientific collaboration in logic and algorithms. Moreover, the VCLA outreach activities are aimed towards raising aspirations of young people for academic pursuits and to raise awareness on the impact of the research done in the areas of logic, philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and artificial intelligence among the general public alike. The annual reports offer a detailed overview of all VCLA activities.

Course Level:

Master/Post graduate

Benefits: Students, who are awarded the Helmut Veith Stipend, receive:

· EUR 6000 annually for duration of up to two years.

· Waiver of all tuition fees at TU Wien.


1. Applicants must be eligible for admission to one of the master’s programs in computer science at TU Wien that are taught in English. In 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 those are: · Master in Logic and Computation · Master in Business Informatics · European Master in Computational Logic · Master in Computer Engineering (Technische Informatik) · Master in Data Science · Master in Media and Human-Centered Computing

2. While applications for funding can be filed before or in parallel with the admissions process, the funding will only be awarded to applicants who have been unconditionally admitted to the master’s program. An application for funding does not replace the admissions process; neither does a conditional offer of funding entitle the applicant to study at TU Wien.

3. Female students who meet the following conditions are eligible to apply for the stipend:

> Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Mathematics (Bologna first cycle) or equivalent degree

> Extensive knowledge and interest in (at least one of) Helmut Veith’s areas of research:

> Logic in Computer Science

> Formal Methods and Verification

> Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

> Complexity Theory

> Computer Security

Deadline: November 30, 2020

For further details please click the given below official link: http://www.vcla.at/helmut-veith-stipend/


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