Telephone Extensions List (Alphabetical Order)

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(Reception) 8738196Cubator 1ne
Mr. (Signal Lab / System Lab) Yousaf 171Electrical Engineering Department
FTIR Lab 295Physics Department
Mr. Malik Zeeshan Ahmed 051-8435054 Ext. 118Center For Policy Study
Mr. Saqib / Raja Naeem 5442Department of Computer Science
Dr. Zahid Ali 6130Bio Department
(Communication Lab) Afzal Imran 319Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. (Dark Office) 6044Department of Management Sciences
(Digital Design Lab) Ms. Sana 135Electrical Engineering Department
(Front Desk CS Department) 5494Department of Computer Science
Dr. Aaliya Moeen Zafar 6049Department of Humanities
Mr. Aamir Yousafzai 5130Planning and Development
Mr. Abaid Ullah 5561Career Development Centre
Mr. Abdul Adeel 5155Accounts Section
Dr. Abdul Aziz Khan 5267International Office
Mr. Abdul Majid Qureshi 8311053Dean ORIC
Mr. Abdul Majid Qureshi 6120Dean ORIC
Mr. Abdul Manan 5115Communication Section
Dr. Abdul Rauf 6097Bio Department
Mr. Abdul Rehman Yasir 5173IT Center
Dr. Abdul Waheed 5533Department of Computer Science
Dr. Abdullah Shah 5407Mathematics Department
Mr. AbdulRaqeeb 5225Registrar Office
Mr. Abdur-Rehman 5071Library
Mr. Abid Hussain 5136Examination Department
Dr. Abid Khan 5330Department of Computer Science
Dr. Adam 5517Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Adeel Ahmad/ Saima Noreen 5553Mathematics Department
Dr. Adeel Anjum / Basit 5486Department of Computer Science
Mr. Adeel Bhatti 5240Department of Architecture
Mr. Adeel Bhatti 5405Department of Architecture
Dr. Adeel Mehmood 179Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Adnan Fida 243Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Adnan Matiullah 5202IT Center
Mr. Adnan Mehmood 5332Planning and Development
Dr. Afaqur Rehman 5517Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Aftab 299Building Section
Prof.Dr. Aftab Khan 5411Mathematics Department
Mr. Ahmad Bilal 5247IT Center
Mr. Ahmad Mumtaz Mustehsan 5245Academics Department
Dr. Ahmed Kamran 5354Department of Computer Science
Mr. Ahmed Naseem Alvi 290Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Ahmed Raza/ Rafi Ullah/ Asad 5337Department of Computer Science
Dr. Ahmer (Lab Optic) 272Physics Department
Dr. Ahmer Naveed 5083Physics Department
Mr. Ahsan / Nazir 261IT Center
Mr. Ahsan Habib 212IT Center
Dr. Ahsan Illahi 5384Physics Department
Mr. Ahsan Mirza 5368Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Ahyauddin Qureshi 5207Treasurer Department
Dr. Aimal Tariq 5521Department of Computer Science
Ms. Aisha Asim 5405Department of Architecture
Ms. Aisha Kashif 5150Department of Humanities
Mr. Ajmal farooq 5170H R Section
Dr. Akbar Azam 5412Mathematics Department
Dr. Alamdar Hassan 6039Bio Department
Alfalah (Hot Line) 9247446Bank
Alfalah Direct # 9247445Bank
Mr. Ali Ahmed Khan 5348Department of Humanities
Mr. Ali Akbar/Sumaira Rani 6053Bio Department
Mr. Ali Arif 5339Department of Comsian Consulting
Mr. Ali Arshad 205Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Ali Azam 5263Registrar Office
Mr. Ali Tawab Bloch 5460Planning and Development
Allied Bank (9247450/9247449) 5310Bank
Allied Bank (Hot Line) 5473Bank
Dr. Altaf Karim 5312Physics Department
Dr. Amir Hanif Dar 5431Department of Computer Science
Mr. Amir Waheed Satti 5353Department of Management Sciences
Dr. Amna Saeed 5041Department of Humanities
Mr. Anayat-ur-Rehman 5196Examination Department
Dr. Aneel Salman 6063Department of Management Sciences
Anjum Rasheed 6134CCRD Department
Mr. Anwar Kamal 246Building Section
Mr. Anzar Mehmood 254Electrical Engineering Department
Ms. Aqeela Asif 5110Department of Humanities
Mr. Arif Masood 5470Department of Architecture
Mr. Arif Awan 5285International Office
Mr. Arif Iqbal 5475Operations and Maintenance
Mr. Arif Masood 5344Consultant
Mr. Arif Shah 5045Services Section
Mr. Arsalan / Ms. Ayesha 5069Library
Dr. Arshad Bashir 6111Department of Humanities
Mr. Arshad Mehmood 5220Registrar Office
Dr. Arshad Rafiq 6038Bio Department
Dr. Arshad Saleem Bhatti 5118Dean Offices
Dr. Arshad Saleem Malik 5048International Office
Mr. Asad / Khawar 5163Academics Department
Mr. Asad Hussain/Ihtisham Riaz 114Registrar Office
Mr. Asad Khan 5126Audit Section
Mr. Asad Zia 5068Registrar Office
ASERG Lab 5391Department of Computer Science
Mr. Asghar Malik 5489Planning and Development
Dr. Asia Nosheen / Nazmeen 6086Bio Department
Mr. Asif Malik 5219Registrar Office
Mr. Asif Mushtaq 5182Registrar Office
Dr. Asif Zia/Rifaqat Hussain 5370Physics Department
Dr. Asifa Qasim/Samena Nadeem/Saba (English Language Center) 5238Department of Humanities
Mr. Asim Nazir 5224Transport Section
Dr. Asim Noor 5151Department of Computer Science
Dr. Aslam (Lab) 119Physics Department
Dr. Aslam Noor 5420Mathematics Department
Ms. Asma Kanwal 5235Audit Section
Dr. Asrar Muhammad Khan 6084Bio Department
Mr. Ateeq 5161Accounts Section
Dr. Athar Hussain 109Meteorology Department
Mr. Athar Nadeem 5540Incharge Campus
Athar Nadeem (Fax) 9247008Dean ORIC
Ms. Athar Yaqoob/ Anum (Dark Office) 6185Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Atif Bhatti 5369Student's Affairs
Mr. Atiq-ur-Rehman 5125Registrar Office
Mr. Attar Nafees (Sub Eng) 286Building Section
Ms. Attiya Batool Syed 5570Audit Section
Ms. Attiya Saddiqi 5265Department of Humanities
Audit Room 5210Treasurer Department
Mr. Aumair Qayyum 5222IT Center
Mr. Aumair Qureshi 5445Department of Architecture
Ms. Ayesha 5052Student's Affairs
Ms. Ayesha Asim Imdad 5581Department of Architecture
Dr. Ayesha Inam 6138Department of Humanities
Mr. Ayyaz Reshi 5424Department of Management Sciences
Dr. Azeem 5030Registrar Office
Mr. Azeem Mukhtar 5028Registrar Office
Mr. Azhar Jafri 5447Audit Section
Mr. Aziz Abbas 5091Academics Department
Dr. Aziz Ahmed Qurashi 296Physics Department
Mr. Azmat Ali 5171Rector Office
Bag Store 5516Library
Bank Alfalah 5331Bank
Mr. Basement Reception / Israr 5062Library
Mr. Bashir 5251Accounts Section
Mr. Basit Paracha 5303Operations and Maintenance
Mr. Bilal Bashir 6029Technology Incubation Center
Dr. Bilal Ijaz/Azhar Yasin 148Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Bilal Zaka 5479Information Technology Service (CU Online)
Circuit Lab/ Mudasir 226Electrical Engineering Department
Circulation Counter 5065Library
Complaint Centre 284Operations and Maintenance
Computer Lab-4 5254Department of Computer Science
Conference Room 191Nano Lab
Conference Room 5399Rector Office
Control Lab 211Electrical Engineering Department
Customer Care & Information 5531Library
DARC Office (Sohail Malik) 6054Bio Department
Dark Office 5488Physics Department
Ms. Dureshawar 5166Registrar Office
Mr. Ehtesham Bokhari 6200Research and Development
Electrical Room (Naveed) 217Operations and Maintenance
Electrician AB-II 5250Operations and Maintenance
Electrician Physics Block 310Operations and Maintenance
Electronic Lab 155Physics Department
Electronic Lab-1 / Tehseen 242Electrical Engineering Department
Exchange # 8435051-4Registrar Office
External Auditors 5434Accounts Section
Faculty 5367Department of Computer Science
Faculty Block-1 5518Reception
Mr. Fahad (Auditor Room) 5274Treasurer Department
Mr. Fahad Ali Shifa 345Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Faheel A Hashmi 5507Physics Department
Dr. Fahim A. Qureshi 5258Dean ORIC
Mr. Faisal Ps (Zain-ul-Abdin) 5490Department of Comsian Consulting
Mr. Faisal Akram / Awais 5174H R Section
Mr. Faisal Hanif Roshan 5483Consultant
Mr. Faisal Zaidi/Imran Bhatti/Gul Muhammad 104C U Online
Mr. Faizan Shafiq 5194Controller of Examination (Principal Seat)
Ms. Farah Mehmood (Art Gallery) 5243Library
Mr. Fareed (Lab) 296Physics Department
Mr. Farhan Ahsan Ali 5537Dean Offices
Dr. Farhan Shafique 159CAST Department
Dr. Farhana Jabeen 5156Department of Computer Science
Dr. Farhat Nisar 6118Department of Humanities
Ms. Farheen Kayani 5365H R (Principal Seat)
Ms. Farheen Shafiq 5293H R Section
Dr. Farida Tahir 5291Physics Department
Dr. Farmanullah Jan 5484Physics Department
Mr. Farooq Ahmad 6040Department of Humanities
Ms. Farrah Adnan 5376Department of Architecture
Dr. Farrukh Shahzad / Sajid 5507Physics Department
Ms. Farzana Abid 5032Admission Office
Ms. Farzana Shaheen 252CAST Department
Dr. Fasih Ahmed 5094Department of Humanities
Dr. Fasih Ahmed (HoD) 5111Department of Humanities
Dr. fASIH BUTT (Simulation Lab) 284Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Fasih Uddin Butt 263Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Fatima Malik/Mushtaq wakeel 6075Research and Development
Prof.Dr. Fauzia Yusuf 6064Bio Department
Mr. Fawad Ahmad Hashmi 145Operations and Maintenance
Fax No. 9247010International Office
Dr. Fayyaz Ahmad Faize 6135Department of Humanities
Mr. Fayyaz Hussain 5102H R Section
Dr. Fazal Ghafoor 5328Physics Department
Mr. Fazilat 5154Purchase Section
Dr. Fozia Anwar 5549Health Informatics
Ms. Fozia Nasreen (Adv) Head 051-8435054 Ext. 117Center For Policy Study
Front Office 6052Bio Department
Mr. Front Office 5360Department of Comsian Consulting
Front Office 5443H R (Principal Seat)
Front Office 5321Department of Computer Science
Front Office 297Electrical Engineering Department
Front Office 5552Mathematics Department
Front Office (Undergraduate) 249Physics Department
Front Office- Muhammad Imran 5237Examination Department
Gate No.1/ Yasir / Ali Shan 139Reception
Dr. Ghazanfar Abbas 5406Physics Department
Mr. Ghazanfar Ali 5398International Office
Mr. Ghulam Abbas 5088Store Section
Mr. Ghulam Mustafa 5208Treasurer Department
Girls Hostel 1 051-8315313Hostel
Graduate 390Physics Department
Graduate Lab 355Physics Department
Graduate Office 275Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Guftar Ahmed 254Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Gulraiz Haneef Raja 5519Health Informatics
GYM (Staff) 5090Sports Section
Dr. Hafiz Junaid / Dr. Sajjad Khan 5414Mathematics Department
Mr. Hafiz Liaquat Ali 5050Communication Section
Dr. Hamad Omer 176Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Hameed Ahmed 5327Physics Department
Mr. Hamid Ali 5189Controller of Examination (Principal Seat)
Mr. Hammad Hussain 5230Department of Architecture
Dr. Hammed Ahmed Khan 5578Physics Department
Mr. Haroon /Shoukat 5039Purchase Section
Mr. Haseeb / Yasir 5515Registrar Office
Dr. Hassan 5206Dean Offices
Dr. Hassan Ali Khattak 5295Department of Computer Science
Mr. Hassan Khalid 5058Department of Computer Science
HBL 5082Bank
HBL Direct # 9247447-8Bank
Help Desk. Ms. Mahpara 5454Student's Affairs
Dr. Hira Siddique 5586Physics Department
Ms. Huma Khan 5157Accounts Section
Mr. Hussain Ahmed 5138Services Section
Mr. Ibrar Ahmed 122Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Iftikhar Azim / Shehla 5311Department of Computer Science
Dr. Ijaz Ali 6076Bio Department
Mr. Ikram ul Haq / Mustafa Khatak 5298Department of Computer Science
Mr. Imran Bhatti 6023Business Incubation Centre
Mr. Imran Naseer 5435Academics Department
Dr. Imran Rashid / Shumaila Javeed 5558Mathematics Department
Mr. Imran Sahb 103C U Online
Dr. Imtinan Illahi qureshi 5504Physics Department
Mr. Inam-ul-Haq 5422Academics Department
Dr. Inayat Kalim 6070Department of Humanities
Incoming Exchange Numbers at IRM Complex 8435051 - 4 & 051-8313094Meteorology Department
Incoming Exchange Numbers AT IRM COMPLEX 051-8435051-4 & 051-8313094C U Online
Mr. Iqbal Muzaffar 5382Endowment Fund
Ms. Iram /Madiha (HoD Staff Office) 123/196Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Irfan 5248Operations and Maintenance
Dr. Ishaq Ahmed 5313Physics Department
Mr. Ishaq Ali 5256Dean ORIC
Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed 5377Rector Office
Dr. Ishfaq Hussain Khosa 5309Physics Department
Dr. Ishtiaq Ali 5514Mathematics Department
IT Comlaint Center (FB-I) 5133IT Center
IT Complaint Centre (AB-1) 124IT Center
IT Complaint Centre (AB-2) 5124IT Center
ITC (Reception) 5135IT Center
Dr. Javaid Anwar 5329Physics Department
Dr. Javed Iqbal / Muzafar Khan 5318Department of Computer Science
Mr. Javeed Ahmed Cheema 5193Controller of Examination (Principal Seat)
Dr. Javeria Ambreen 5565Physics Department
Mr. Javid Iqbal 5165Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Jawad Bashir 5280IT Center
Mr. Jawad Tanveer / Umar Iqbal / Ms. Sidra tul Montaha 5493Department of Computer Science
Mr. Jibran Ahmed (Lab) 247Physics Department
Dr. Junaid Ahmed 207Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Junaid Ali 5482Physics Department
Prof.Dr. Junaid Mughal 160Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Kafyat 5231Department of Architecture
Dr. Kaleemullah 111Meteorology Department
Dr. Kalsoom/Saeed Anwar/Tanvir Zahra/Raheel Zahid/Zohab Hussain 051-8435054 Ext.119Center For Policy Study
Mr. Kamran 5509Purchase Section
Mr. Kamran Ahmed 5211Planning and Development
Mr. Kamran Khan 5117H R (Principal Seat)
Mr. Kamran Raza ( Lab) 204Physics Department
Mr. Karamat Rehman 5378Planning and Development
Mr. Kashif Masood / Taj 5195International Office
Mr. Kashif Atiq 5023Planning and Development
Mr. Kashif Riaz (Simulation Lab) 117Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Khalid Jamil 5286Physics Department
Mr. Khalid Khan/ Rana Liaquat Ali 5084Physics Department
Dr. Khalid Riaz 5087Dean Offices
Dr. Khalid Riaz 5132Department of Management Sciences
Prof.Dr. Khalida Inayat Noor 5053Mathematics Department
Mr. Khalil ul Rehman Mallik 5116H R (Principal Seat)
Mr. Khawaja Nouman Tariq 5153Academics Department
Mr. Khubaib Ahmed 182Physics Department
Mr. Khubaib Ahmed (Lab) 182Physics Department
Dr. Khurram Aziz / Bakhtiar Ali 308Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Khurram Saleem 379CAST Department
Mr. Khurram Sardar 300IT Center
Mr. Khurram Shahzad (PNC) 267Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Khushodin 5315Physics Department
Dr. Khusniddin Olimov 5297Physics Department
Ms. Kiran Rafiq 5198H R Section
Lab Staff 5204Department of Computer Science
Mr. Laeeq Riaz / Haider Ali 146Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Lal Khan 5426UIUC Project
Lt (Rtd) Col. Asif Hayat 5031Services Section
Ms. Madiha Syed 5450Mathematics Department
Dr. Mahmood Ashraf Khan 250CAST Department
Dr. Mahnaz Haseeb 5491Physics Department
Ms. Mahwish Aslam 5451Department of Comsian Consulting
Maintenance 5526Operations and Maintenance
Dr. Mais Suleymanov 5326Physics Department
Maj. Muhammad Rashid 5388Security Section
Maj.Muhammad Rashid 5299Security Section
Dr. Majid Iqbal Khan 5324Department of Computer Science
Malik Ahmed Kamran 5362Department of Computer Science
Mr. Malik Nawaz 221IT Center
Mr. Manager (CNAP) 5394CISCO Regional Academy
Mr. Mansab Ali / Saad Khan 5140Student's Affairs
Dr. Manshoor Ahmed 5410Mathematics Department
Mr. Manshoor Hussain Abbasi 6079Department of Humanities
Dr. Mansoor Ahmed 5352Department of Computer Science
Dr. Mansoor Awan 5317Department of Computer Science
Dr. Mansoor Shoukat / Saqlain Raza 5408Mathematics Department
Mr. Manzar Abbas 5341Physics Department
Dr. Manzoor Eilahi Tamimy 5005Department of Computer Science
Dr. Maria Khan 6047Department of Humanities
Ms. Maria safi 5120Controller of Examination (Principal Seat)
Ms. Mariam Nauman 5099Registrar Office
Ms. Maryuam 5192Dean Offices
Mr. Masood Ahmad / Ms. Tahira 5257Dean ORIC
Mr. Mazhar Ali / Waseem Khan 313Building Section
Mr. Mazhar Habib 5103Department of Humanities
Media Section (IT) 5385IT Center
Medical Section 237Medical Health Project
Dr. Mehmood A Kayani 6056Bio Department
Prof.Dr. Mehmood A. Kayani 6091Bio Department
Mr. Mehmood Pervaiz 5481Physics Department
Mr. Mehrban 192Building Section
Ms. Mehreen 5185Examination Department
Mr. Mehreen Bibi/Waseem/Aqsa Hannan 5441Quality Enhancement Cell
Mr. Mian Gul Muhammad 5079Registrar Office
Mr. Mirza Haneef sb. 6101Building Section
Dr. Moaaz Ahmed Niazi 5284Department of Computer Science
Dr. Moazzam / Muhammad Zubair 158Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Mobeen Akhter 6061Department of Humanities
Dr. Mobeen Ghafoor 5510Department of Computer Science
Mr. Modern Physics Lab 346Physics Department
Mr. Mohsin Akhtar 5524Career Development Centre
Mr. Mohsin Ali Khan 5121Audit Section
Mr. Mohsin Mirza 5300IT Center
Dr. Mohsin Raza 5281CCRD Department
Dr. Mohsin Riaz 202CAST Department
Prof.Dr. Moiz-ud-Deen 5049Mathematics Department
MP (VLSI) Adeel 234Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Muaz Ahmed 5421Department of Computer Science
Dr. Mubarik Ali 5406Physics Department
Mr. Mubashir 5145Treasurer Department
Mr. Mubashir 5055Planning and Development
Mr. Mubashir Muhammad 5025Planning and Development
Mr. Mubashir Shahzad 5158Accounts Section
Dr. Mubeen Akhtar 5042Department of Humanities
Dr. Mudassar Rasheed 5228Department of Management Sciences
Dr. Muddassar Rashid 6042Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Muhammad Abbas Baloch 5276International Office
Mr. Muhammad Abid 5122Purchase Section
Mr. Muhammad Ahsan 5503CISCO Regional Academy
Mr. Muhammad Ahsan 5394CISCO Regional Academy
Dr. Muhammad Ajmal/Azeem Butt 6107Bio Department
Mr. Muhammad Akmal 5446Dean ORIC
Mr. Muhammad Ali 5095Planning and Development
Mr. Muhammad Ali /Nouman/Ali Khakan 260Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Muhammad Ali Chaudhary 5215Academics Department
Mr. Muhammad Amir 5394CISCO Regional Academy
Dr. Muhammad Anis-ur-Rehman 5404/225Physics Department
Mr. Muhammad Arshad/Talib Hussain 5217Registrar Office
Mr. Muhammad Asad 5168Accounts Section
Mr. Muhammad Ashraf / Ms. Adila 5373Department of Architecture
Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Jilani 5505Physics Department
Mr. Muhammad Asif 5539Library
Prof.Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan 5508Physics Department
Mr. Muhammad Atif Khan 5212Planning and Development
Mr. Muhammad Atiq-ur-Rehman 5024Planning and Development
Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb 186Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Muhammad Azam 5078Treasurer Department
Mr. Muhammad Baseer 194Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Muhammad Bilal 345Electrical Engineering Department
Muhammad Bilal Qasim 243Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Muhammad Faraz Arshad 6057Bio Department
Mr. Muhammad Hafeez/Ms. Ayesha (Cooard. Office) 5334Mathematics Department
Mr. Muhammad Hanif 5128Registrar Office
Dr. Muhammad Hannan Younis 5582Physics Department
Mr. Muhammad Hassan Altaf 5173IT Center
Mr. Muhammad Hussain 5022Planning and Development
Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim 5037Dean ORIC
Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim 5037Incharge Campus
Muhammad Ibrar Riaz 5213/5287Dean Offices
Mr. Muhammad Idrees 5061Library
Mr. Muhammad Ijaz 5588Audit Section
Mr. Muhammad Imran Javaid 5372Department of Comsian Consulting
Mr. Muhammad Islam 294Operations and Maintenance
Mr. Muhammad Javed 5205Treasurer Department
Dr. Muhammad Kaleem 5513Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Muhammad Kamran 5384Physics Department
Dr. Muhammad Liaquat 6045Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Muhammad Mahboob 5375Examination Department
Dr. Muhammad Muddassar/ Khuram Shahzad 6132Bio Department
Mr. Muhammad Mushtaq 6077Sports Section
Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Hassan 6083Bio Department
Mr. Muhammad Naeem 5302Operations and Maintenance
Mr. Muhammad Naeem Akhtar 5160Treasurer Department
Mr. Muhammad Naeem Akhter 5109H R Section
Dr. Muhammad Nawaz 6069Department of Humanities
Mr. Muhammad Qasim 5060Treasurer Department
Dr. Muhammad Rashid/ Mushtaq 5433Physics Department
Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Anwar 5500H R Section
Mr. Muhammad Sadeeq 5528Operations and Maintenance
Dr. Muhammad Saeed 6089Bio Department
Mr. Muhammad Sarfaraz 5437Quality Enhancement Cell
Mr. Muhammad Shafqat 5469Department of Architecture
Dr. Muhammad Sohail 5203Department of Computer Science
Mr. Muhammad Sohail Ghani 5131Controller of Examination (Principal Seat)
Mr. Muhammad Sohail/ Sikandar 5397Examination Department
Mr. Muhammad Tahir Akhtar 293Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Akhter 5512Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Muhammad Tariq / Syed Jan e Ali 5495Department of Computer Science
Mr. Muhammad Umair 5179Accounts Section
Mr. Muhammad Waqas Altaf 5283IT Center
Dr. Muhammad Yousaf/ Salman Amin Malik 5554Mathematics Department
Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal 5327Physics Department
Mr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Khan 5261Quality Enhancement Cell
Mr. Muhammad Zamir / Yasir Kundi 6062Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Mujadad Obaid 101C U Online
Mr. Mukhtiar Ali Malik 5340Department of Comsian Consulting
Ms. Muniba Nasir 5137Registrar Office
Mr. Munir / Ijaz 5550IT Center
Ms. Muntaha Maqbol 5216Planning and Development
Mr. Mursaleen 6115Operations and Maintenance
Mr. Mursaleen / Haroon 5357Operations and Maintenance
Mr. Murtaza Raziq 5221Registrar Office
Dr. Mushtaq / Dr. Fazeel 5583Mathematics Department
Dr. Mushtaq Ali 5325Physics Department
Dr. Mustafa 6036Bio Department
Dr. Mustafa Shakir 253Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Nadeem Akhtar 5100Planning and Development
Dr. Nadeem Javed 5227Department of Computer Science
Ms. Nadia Gondal 5066CCRD Department
Mr. Naeem Anjum 5044Department of Computer Science
Dr. Najeeb (Lab) 163Physics Department
Dr. Najeeb ul Rehman 5492Physics Department
Dr. Nasim Zafar 5329Physics Department
Mr. Nasir 5308Physics Department
Dr. Nasrullah Khan 298Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Nauman Mehmood Janjua 5146Department of Computer Science
Mr. Naveed 217Operations and Maintenance
Dr. Naveed Ahmed 5351Department of Computer Science
Mr. Naveed Nissar 5242Purchase Section
Dr. Naveed-Ur-Rehman/Sikandar 181Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Nazar Abbas Shah 209(Lab-295)Physics Department
Dr. Nazra 238Medical Health Project
Dr. Nida Naved (Dental) 137Medical Health Project
Dr. Nighat Noureen 6104Bio Department
Dr. Noor-ul-Ain 6067Bio Department
Ms. Noor-ul-Huda 199CAST Department
Dr. Noreen 6066Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Obaid ur Rehman 253Electrical Engineering Department
Ms. Palwasha Khan 5074Controller of Examination (Principal Seat)
Dr. Pasha (Adv. Health) 277Medical Health Project
Printing Room 5075Examination Department
Prof. Izhar Hussain 5112Registrar Office
Project Lab 168Physics Department
Dr. Qadeer ul Hassan 230Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Qasir Fatmi 6068Bio Department
Mr. Qasir Mehmood 5129Accounts Section
Dr. Qudrat Khan 304CAST Department
R & D Lab 6074Research and Development
R & I 164Reception
Mr. Rab Nawaz Machine - Lab 350Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Rab Nawaz/Qazi Muhammad Zaigham Zia 5534Mathematics Department
Dr. Rabia Naz 6099Bio Department
Dr. Rabiah Badar 265Electrical Engineering Department
Radiation Lab 296Physics Department
Ms. Rahat 5487Academics Department
Ms. Rahat-Ul-Ain Azeem 5264Department of Humanities
Prof.Dr. Raheel Qamar 6050Bio Department
Prof.Dr. Raheel Qamar 5036Incharge Campus
Dr. Raja Ali Riaz 235Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Raja Asif Nazir 6028Business Incubation Centre
Mr. Raja Mohsin 5197H R Section
Mr. Raja Shahbaz Ali 6072Research and Development
Mr. Ramla Tahir (PS to Head) 5021International Office
Mr. Rana Ehtasham Ali 5107Registrar Office
Mr. Rana Tahir Mahmood 5180Planning and Development
Mr. Rao Zeshan 5292Planning and Development
Mr. Raqeeb (Press) 8738121Cubator 1ne
Mr. Rashid Irfan 8738197Cubator 1ne
Mr. Raza Ahmad Khan 8738119Cubator 1ne
Mr. Raza Ahmad Khan 5255Dean ORIC
Mr. Raza Ahmed Khan 6022Business Incubation Centre
Mr. Raza Ul Islam/Abdul Rehman 324CAST Department
Mr. Razzaq Ahmed 5429Services Section
Reception 6025Business Incubation Centre
Reception 6060Department of Management Sciences
Reception (CAST) 283CAST Department
Reception Block-1 177Reception
Reception Physics Block 280Physics Department
Reception(FB-I Front Side) 5576Reception
Record Room Asim / Mushtaq 5381Academics Department
Mr. Rehan Aslam 5064Library
Mr. Riaz Ahmad 5307Registrar Office
Dr. Riaz Hussain/Adeel Iqbal 264Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Rizwan 5035Admission Office
Mr. Rizwan 119Nano Lab
Dr. Rizwana / Rubina / Zainab 5364Department of Computer Science
Ms. Robina Bhatti 5190Planning and Development
Ms. Rubina Adnan 5427Department of Computer Science
Mr. Ruh ul Islam 5172Operations and Maintenance
Mr. Ruh-ul-Islam 239Operations and Maintenance
Ms. Rukhsana Yasmin/Rashida 5387International Office
Ms. Rumla Tahir 5275International Office
Mr. S. M. Uzair Zaidi 5268-5282International Office
Mr. Saad 204Physics Department
Ms. Saba Rasool 5187Treasurer Department
Ms. Saba Sohail 5525Department of Computer Science
Dr. Sabir Hussain 6113Bio Department
Mr. Sadaqat Hussain 5249Dean Offices
Ms. Sadia Haider / Mr. Tanvir 5396China Study Center
Dr. Sadia Manzoor 302Physics Department
Dr. Sadia Manzoor / Muhammad Ali 134 (Lab-203)Physics Department
Dr. Sadia Naseen/ Faraha 6122Bio Department
Dr. Sadia Sattar 6102Bio Department
Ms. Sadia Siddique 5105Department of Humanities
Dr. Saeed Akram / Dr. Miraj 5551Mathematics Department
Mr. Sagheer Hussain 5532Department of Computer Science
Ms. Saima Munir 5461Store Section
Ms. Saima Sheern 5374Dean ORIC
Ms. Saira Ali 5322Department of Comsian Consulting
Dr. Sajid Farooq / Taimoor Shahzad 5452Department of Computer Science
Mr. Sajid Gill 5159Accounts Section
Dr. Sajid Qamar 281Physics Department
Mr. Sajid Rasool 5176Accounts Section
Mr. Sajid Rasool 5123Audit Section
Mr. Sajjad Hussain 5167Treasurer Department
Mr. Sajjad Sarwar 5119Services Section
Mr. Saleem / Ikram (Lab) 288CAST Department
Dr. Saleem Ahmed 5476Mathematics Department
Prof.Dr. Saleem Asghar 5419Mathematics Department
Dr. Salman 5466Department of Computer Science
Mr. Salman Hassan 140Medical Health Project
Dr. Salman Khan Safi 5325Physics Department
Mr. Salman Saeed 8738120Cubator 1ne
Dr. Sameena / Dr. Jamila Butt 5575Physics Department
Ms. Samia Akbar 6019Business Incubation Centre
Ms. Samia Naz 5474Day Care Centre
Dr. Samina 5347Physics Department
Ms. Samina 5127Audit Section
Ms. Samira Shah 5277International Office
Ms. Samra Mohsin 5234Department of Architecture
Ms. Samreen Asmat (PA to Tahira Haron) 5409Mathematics Department
Ms. Sana 170Physics Department
Ms. Sana Ijaz 5541Department of Architecture
Dr. Sana Sabahat 5480Physics Department
Dr. Saood Naqvi / Aurangzeb 251Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Saqib / Zahid 5389International Office
Ms. Sara Tariq 5316Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Sardar Muhammad Gulfam 122Electrical Engineering Department
Ms. Sarwat Kazmi 5113Department of Management Sciences
Security Staff 5236Security Section
Dr. Seema Rizvi 5548Health Informatics
Server Room 142IT Center
Ms. Shaazia Shabir 5457Quality Enhancement Cell
Mr. Shabbar Ali 5148Registrar Office
Dr. Shafaat A Khan 5229Health Informatics
Dr. Shafayat Ibrar/Mobeen Sabir 147Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Shafqat Ali 107Meteorology Department
Mr. Shahab Ali 113Meteorology Department
Dr. Shahab Malik 5574Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Shahab Saddiqe 6105Bio Department
Mr. Shahbaz Masih 5162Accounts Section
Mr. Shahid 180Electrical Engineering Department
Dr. Shahid A. Khan 5214/5296Dean Offices
Mr. Shahid Iqbal 5038H R (Principal Seat)
Dr. Shahid Iqbal 5485Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Shahid Kamal / Ms. Nadia 5346CCRD Department
Dr. Shahid Manzoor 187Physics Department
Mr. Shahid Mehmood 5320Dean Offices
Dr. Shahid Rajput 5232Department of Architecture
Ms. Shahida Gillani / Abid Saeed 051-8746410Endowment Fund
Dr. Shahina Tariq 112Meteorology Department
Dr. Shahrukh Agha 5513Electrical Engineering Department
Prof.Dr. Shahzad A Malik 317Electrical Engineering Department
Ms. Shaida Gillani 6024Business Incubation Centre
Dr. Shakeel/Ghulam Shabir/Imran Syed/Umar Sheraz 051-8435054 Ext. 120Center For Policy Study
Ms. Shakeela 5104Department of Humanities
Ms. Shakeela Ibraheem Raja 5097Department of Humanities
Mr. Shamsul Hassan 5218Registrar Office
Mr. Shazad Aslam / Ms. Huma 5141Department of Architecture
Ms. Sheema Mehkar 5209UIUC Project
Mr. Shehrayar Ahmed 6121Business Incubation Centre
Mr. Shehraz Khan 5164Treasurer Department
Ms. Sheikh Ishtiaq ahmad 5278International Office
Ms. Shenaz Imtiaz (Front Desk) 5379Dean ORIC
Mr. Sheraz Nazir 8738120Cubator 1ne
Mr. Shoaib 5538Treasurer Department
Mr. Shoukat / Azhar / Aurangzeb 100 / 5544Communication Section
Ms. Shugfta / Hamid 5467Dean Offices
Mr. Shujahat Ali / Imran / Ms.Maria 6041Department of Management Sciences
Ms. Shumaila 5560Audit Section
Ms. Shumaila / Muhammad Sulman 6125Sports Section
Dr. Shumaila/ Uzma 5347Physics Department
Dr. Shumsul Qamar 5413Mathematics Department
Dr. Shurjeel Wyne 271Electrical Engineering Department
Ms. Sidra 5477Registrar Office
Mr. Sikandar / Shams 5290Accounts Section
Dr. Siraj-ul-Islam 5312Physics Department
Dr. Siraj-ul-Islam ( Lab ) 200Physics Department
Ms. Sobia Nadeem 5178Treasurer Department
Ms. Sofia / Zafar 5283IT Center
Dr. Sohail Asghar 5226Department of Computer Science
Mr. Sohail (Project Lab) 231Electrical Engineering Department
Ms. Sonia/Huma Mehmood 116Registrar Office
Sports Staff 6123Sports Section
Staff 6262Department of Management Sciences
Staff 5106Services Section
Staff 051-8313341Endowment Fund
Staff 5430Physics Department
Staff of Store Section 5114Store Section
Student Group of Study 5566Library
Mr. Subhan 6081Dean ORIC
Dr. Suhail Javed Choudhry 5527Dean ORIC
Dr. Sumaira Farrakh 6037Bio Department
Dr. Sundas Javed 6088Bio Department
Mr. Syed Ali Shah 5081Store Section
Mr. Syed Ali Zahir 5358Department of Computer Science
Mr. Syed Anwar Hussain Zaidi / Sobia Bilal 5043Dean ORIC
Dr. Syed Asad Hussain 5101Dean Offices
Mr. Syed Bilal /Nouman Riaz/Khurram 267Electrical Engineering Department
Prof.Dr. Syed Habib Bukhari 6058Bio Department
Dr. Syed Junaid Nawaz 184Electrical Engineering Department
Syed M. Abu zar Kazmi 157Building Section
Mr. Syed Mustafa Pasha 236Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Syed Sabir Hussain 5184Controller of Examination (Principal Seat)
Mr. Syed Uzair Naqvi 5456Quality Enhancement Cell
Mr. Syed Wasif Zamir 5076Controller of Examination (Principal Seat)
Mr. Syed Yasir Imtiaz 305CAST Department
Dr. Syeda H.Benish Ali 6106Bio Department
Dr. Syeda Hafiza Benish 6114Bio Department
Ms. Syeda Nasreen Sultana 5080Library
Mr. Tahir Hussain Khan 115Registrar Office
Mr. Tahir Khan/ Adeel Israr 156Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Tahir Mahmood Butt 227Physics Department
Mr. Tahir Naeem 5169Planning and Development
Dr. Tahir Nazir 5484Physics Department
Mr. Tahir Shahzad 5545Building Section
Mr. Taimoor 5181Planning and Development
Mr. Taj Arsal 5269International Office
Ms. Talat Mehmood 6020Dean ORIC
Mr. Tanveer Ahmed/Rafaqat Ali 5279International Office
Dr. Tanveer Akbar Kayani 5423Mathematics Department
Mr. Tanveer Hussain 5191Planning and Development
Mr. Tariq Mehmood 5573Library
Dr. Tariq-ur-Rahman 5272International Office
Dr. Tasleem Akhtar 6124Bio Department
Dr. Tassawar Abbas 5481Physics Department
Mr. Taswar Hussain 5063Library
Mr. Tayyab Rasul 161CAST Department
Dr. Tayyaba Yasmeen 6051Bio Department
Dr. Tazeen Ather / Sardar Mohib Ali 5557Mathematics Department
Ms. Tehmina Gul 255Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Tehseen Riaz 5046Registrar Office
Mr. Toqeer 5144Accounts Section
Dr. Toqeer Ahmad 5029CCRD Department
Mr. Tourab Naqvi (Coordination) 5093Department of Humanities
Transport Staff 5555/5304Transport Section
Transport Yard 6128Transport Section
Mr. Ubaid ur Rehman 5572IT Center
Dr. Umair Manzoor (Lab) 170Physics Department
Dr. Umair Naeem/ Bilal Tariq 178Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Umar / Sajjad 5390IT Center
Mr. Umar Khalid 5186Rector Office
Dr. Umer Farooq 5471Mathematics Department
Dr. Umer Malik 5252Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Usman Ghani 5152Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Uzair Alvi 6027Business Incubation Centre
Mr. Uzair Naqvi 5478Information Technology Service (CU Online)
Ms. Uzma Bibi 5089Controller of Examination (Principal Seat)
Ms. Uzma Noreen Zain 5383Department of Architecture
Ms. Uzma Rani (Press) 8738122Cubator 1ne
Ms. Uzma Zain 5383Department of Comsian Consulting
Mr. Wajid / Touqeer 5183Accounts Section
Mr. Wajid Bakhsh 5072IT Center
Mr. Wajid Kamran 5188Admin Office
Mr. Waqas 5034Admission Office
Mr. Waqas Afradi 5273Rector Office
Mr. Waqas Afridi 5200Rector Office
Mr. Waqas Ahsan 6080Department of Humanities
Dr. Waqas Khalid (Lab) 219Physics Department
Dr. Waqas Masood 5511Physics Department
Dr. Waseem Haider 6103Bio Department
Mr. Waseem Mushtaq 5490Department of Comsian Consulting
Mr. Yasir / Zubair 5225Registrar Office
Dr. Yasir Faheem 5057Department of Computer Science
Mr. Yasir Ikram 5459Planning and Development
Mr. Yawar Abbas 5543Department of Architecture
Yawar Zaidi (HoD) 102/ 051-8313093C U Online
Dr. Zahid Imran / Waqar Ahmed 5305Physics Department
Dr. Zahid Iqbal 5338Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Zahid Malik 6071Department of Management Sciences
Mr. Zahoor 6035Store Section
Mr. Zahoor Shah 5223Registrar Office
Ms. Zainab Bilal 6017Dean ORIC
Mr. Zain-ul-Abdin 5501Department of Comsian Consulting
Mr. Zaki Shah 193Building Section
Dr. Zara Hamid 5156Department of Computer Science
Dr. Zarqa Iqbal 5480Physics Department
Dr. Zeeshan Hyder 6131Bio Department
Mr. Zeeshan Shahid 5520Health Informatics
Dr. Zertashia Akram 6090Bio Department
Mr. Zeshan Najam/Kamran/Dilshad 233Electrical Engineering Department
Mr. Zia ud Din/ Asad safi 5337Department of Computer Science
Mr. Zubair 5415Treasurer Department
Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Chugtai 5580Department of Humanities
Mr. Zulqarnain Jaffery/Mukhtar Azeem 5298Department of Computer Science
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