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Car number plate recognition system for Ciit M,Ahmed Abbad Computer scienceCar number plate recognition HyperLink
Set aggregation-Based data interity for smart grids Mouzana Tahir Computer scienceSet aggregation-Based data interity HyperLink
Augmented home decoration Saad Arshad Computer scienceAugmented home decoration HyperLink
Sentiment analysis Muazzama Anwar Computer scienceSentiment analysis HyperLink
Visual classroom with database management Abdul Aziz Computer scienceVisual classroom with database management HyperLink
Art vector for desktop application(converting raster(bitmap image) to vector representation) Muhammad Awais Aslam Computer scienceArt vector for desktop application(converting raster HyperLink
MR. Math (Android App) Tehreeem Ali Computer scienceMR. Math (Android App) HyperLink
Android potient tracker app Areeba Saeed Computer scienceAndroid potient tracker app HyperLink
Live analysis of virual machines through virtual machine introspection Abdul Waheed Computer science Machines through virtual machine introspection HyperLink
Performance evaluation and environmental limitations on WSN using a real test-bed(zigBee Saud Jamal Computer sciencePerformance evaluation and environmental limitations HyperLink
Anti theft and friend locator app Junaid Ikram Computer scienceAnti theft and friend locator app HyperLink
A visual memoir momina Latif ArchitectureA visual memoir HyperLink
The thunder cookie Daneyal Aamer ArchitectureThe thunder cookie HyperLink
Doraha-short film on dualism Muhammad Shahrukh ArchitectureDoraha-short film on dualism HyperLink
Talking type:An expressive typographic experimentation Zahra Tariq Malik ArchitectureAn expressive typographic experimentation HyperLink
Expression profiling of inflammatory markers and immune related genes in patients with dengue virus infection Sarfraz Mehmood BiosciencesImmune related genes in patients with dengue virus infection HyperLink
First record of uranoscopus dollfusi briiss,1987(pisces: uranoscopidae) and antennariidae)from northern arabian sea,pakistan Shama Ibrahim BiosciencesFirst record of uranoscopus dollfusi briiss,1987 HyperLink
Isolation and characterization of lactic acid bacteria with inhibitory activity against spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms associated with dairy and meat products in pakistan Maria Wahid BiosciencesIsolation and characterization of lactic acid bacteria with inhibitory activity against spoilage HyperLink
Computational analysis of bacterial, Viral and homosapien,s peptidases to identify selectivity parameters for inhibition Shafaq Riaz Biosciences Peptidases to identify selectivity parameters for inhibition HyperLink
Find it Minahil Saeed Computer scienceFind it HyperLink
Pdf to voice conversion Muhammad Hamza Computer sciencePdf to voice conversion HyperLink
Determining the hemolytic potential of helicobacter pullorum poultry isolates Rabbia Abbas BiosciencesDetermining the hemolytic potential HyperLink
The realm of happines Khadija Ahmed ArchitectureThe realm of happines HyperLink
Memoir of self Tazeen Fatima ArchitectureMemoir of self HyperLink
On line cinema seat reservation system Ahtesham Khan Computer scienceOn line cinema seat reservation HyperLink
Business wallet(NFC and GPS based solution Roman Amin Computer scienceBusiness wallet HyperLink
eCare(a way to life) Faiza Mehmood Computer scienceeCare(a way to life) HyperLink
Region of interest based quality selective high effciency video coding for medical images Muhammad Abu Bakr Computer scienceRegion of interest based quality selective high effciency video HyperLink
Smarts grids:channel modeling for NB-PLC Bilal Masood Electrical EngineeringChannel modeling for NB-PLC HyperLink
Some applications of convolution operator in geomettic function theory Rashed Murtaza MathematicsOperator in geomettic function theory HyperLink