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Comprising of numerous links, this section provides information and reading material on a variety of topics related to research. These links can be extremely helpful for someone looking for detailed information about the things one should know on the subject of thesis and research paper writing.

Copyright Laws and Rules in Pakistan

Thesis Databases

Know everything about Plagiarism

The resources in this section will provide an excellent opportunity for students and researchers to know everything about plagiarism. These resources will help them in finding answers to question about plagiarism and related issues.
What plagiarism is?
How to avoid it?
How you can check the originality of your work? More »

Learn how to cite resources and quote references

Citation, bibliography or references are mandatory part of a research work. These things are one of major requirements for a research work. This important information, provided at the end of a research work not only shows the originality of a research work without any plagiarism, but, also notifies the hard work and efforts put in by the researcher. More »