About Us

Union Catalogue contains records of all CUI libraries holdings and will allow you to search entire CUI libraries at once. The purpose of CUI Union Catalogue is to provide access to books available in CUI libraries using a single search interface. Searching will return a list of extracted bibliographic information along with details of the library/libraries that owns them.

Union Catalogue can be extremely helpful if you are searching for a specific title, or, looking for material that is not available in your campus library.

What you need to do?

  • Search Union Catalogue by using “Simple Search” and “Advance Search” options
  • Select your desired book/s and add them to wish list
  • Fill out the borrowing request form and click on submit button. It will send your request directly to your campus library
  • Campus library will arrange your required books and will notify you

After being notified from your campus library you can issue your required book/s following the standard issue procedure of your campus library