Senior Librarian’s Message

Welcome to the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Library. Library aims are to provide the most effective lending, reference, proactive, current awareness and information provision services possible, in response to current and future users' needs; and to maintain and develop access to CIIT's collections as a national research resource for the students and teaching staff.

The library supports the academic programmes of CIIT through collections, technology and services, which enable students and faculty to access recorded knowledge and information resources. This support empowers our constituencies to develop the information and technological competencies necessary to achieve their educational, research and professional goals. This enables them to succeed in the workforce, apply lifelong learning skills, and participate in a diverse society.

In coming years, library will be delivering much more user-focused and technologically sophisticated services, designed to meet the contemporary information needs of students, teaching staff and a world-class teaching and research institution. This will be achieved, as resources permit, by re-organising and reconfiguring the basic infrastructures (managerial, operational, physical and technical) of the library at CIIT, building on the integrated approach which is being initiated.